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Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

This book is a recommended reading for the students of the class in Interactive Digital Storytelling in the University of Texas. It is an approach to the theme highlighting the major topics and the best examples of what was done in the field. The author proposes a definition of digital storytelling but also asks the readers to further explore what it means, encouraging readers to online and seeing for themselves the incredible projects being introduced to the public in a regular basis.
From the “birth” of interactive storytelling in chapter one to the guidelines for the project still to be developed by the reader, the author goes through several topics that focus interactivity history and digital media production. Specially well developed topics address narrative structure, games design techniques and cross media production. It is also a book that helps to set some light in the discussion of important concepts in the field as media convergence, immersive environments, distributed narrative, authorship, intellectual property, edutainment
The book is set as an invitation to all readers to start using digital tolls and digital storytelling techniques to empower themselves for a world where digital media was utter importance in most fields of human action. The role of digital storytelling is widened beyond entertainment. One chapter is dedicated to the contribution interactive storytelling has in other goal oriented activities as marketing, advertising, education and training.
Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I‘ll understand.” (old proverb mentioned in the book). Following this idea the author proposes, in the end of each chapter, idea-generating exercises. I propose one activity: find this book online and read at least some pages!

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