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Lista de Apps para criar narrativas digitais

Lista de várias Apps que permitem a criação de mundos virtuais e personagens pelo “utilizador/jogador” no repositório Apps para educação



Learning while making videos

That’s it:

“At first, I really didn’t like making videos for physics,” she said. “But after a while I realized that by making videos, I started learning physics. At first I was tempted to wait until I understood the idea to make a video, but this was a mistake. The videos aren’t just for assessment, they are for learning.”

Wired Online Article

Now imagine what an interactive video could do!

Learning Theory – What are the established learning theories?

This Concept Map, created with IHMC CmapTools, has information related to: Learning Theory, organisational learning Nonaka & Takeuchi, zone of proximal development The area of capabilities that learners can exhibit with support from a teacher or peer., text & conversation theory An organization is created and defined by communication. communication

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It seems odd that constructionism is the only “paradigma” that has no distinctive principlies or no link to  keyconcepts and it seems exaggerated that no links are connecting instructivism to any other paradigm, but it is still a very good representations of the whole picture.

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Conferência na UNIRIO

Mais uma apresentação no Rio de Janeiro e mais uma oportunidade para conhecer mais investigadores interessados no tema das Narrativas Digitais e do Hipervídeo Semântico.

Desta vez a convite da Professora Vera Dobedei no âmbito das actividades do linha de pesquisa de Memória e Património associada ao Programa de Pós-Graduação em Memória Social da Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO)

Narrativas digitais em hipervídeo_UNIRIO_2015


Captura de tela

Yesterday afternoon (morning in Texas) the final presentation and discussion of my PhD took place in the New University of Lisbon. Here are  the presentation slides.

Access for Everyone: A Model for Free Online Learning, with Duolingo’s Luis von Ahn

Luis von Ahn describes the model for the free language-learning platform, Duolingo. The idea, he says, goes back to his childhood, where he imagined a model for a gymnasium that sustained itself by reselling people-produced energy. Von A…


Great idea and great results! According to wikipedia it has 12,5 million users worldwide (and counting). Nice presentations. I like how he puts in words the idea that humans are better learning online than producing electricity!

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O MUNDO À NOSSA VOLTA » Os Filhos de Lumière


(“The world around us”)

“If theory is rapidly forgotten, gestures and the artistic experience rest in the body, in the memory, in the look”


Is a great example of how artistic expression and storytelling greatly supports learning activities with young students. With the support of Fundação Caloust Gulbenkian “Os filhos de Lumière” developed in several schools activities with students that ultimately resulted in short movies where kids create their stories, direct and produce their own movies.

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