Digital Media in Education

research in new media learning environments

UT at Austin

Visiting researcher at the Department of Radio Television Film  (RTF)


First explroratory visit:

It was a great experience. We were introduced to several professors and visited several departments in the campus. I had the opportunity to talk with several professors that teach or research in the field of media studies, media production and pedagogie (Kathleen Tyner, Karen Kocher, Craig Watkins, Andrew Garrison, Paul Resta, George Veletsianos and Joan Hudges) among others.


From September 26th to October 6th, 2010

Second visit as an Invited Researcher

During this visit it was possible to meet more professors in the field of education research and design, to audit some classes, participate in workshops and talks, and to extend the research for the literature review. Some of most significant activities developed were


  • Alternative Poetics, by Charles Ramirez-Berg
  • Writing for interactive media, by Sheldon Pacotti
  • Introduction to quantitative research, by Xiaofen Keating


  • The Digital and he Humanities: Teaching and Learning
  • Body and Empathy in Aesthetic Experience: A Neuroscientific Perspective, by Vittorio Gallese
  • Adventure Learning class, with Jeni Henrickson


  •  Joan Hughes (Professor of  Instructional Technology at UT College of Education) (Co-supervisor)
  • Neal Daugherthy (Professor of the seminar Digital Foundations at UT College of Fine Arts)
  • Karen Kosher (Professor of Media Studies  at UT Radio Television and Film Department)
  • Gary Anderson (Professor of Media Production at UT Radio Television and Film Department)
  • Min Liu (Professor of Designs and Strategies for New Media at UT College of Education)
  • Paul Resta (Professor of  Curriculum and Instruction at UT College of Education)


  • Narration in the fiction film, By David Bordwell
  • Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace, By Janet H. Murray
  • Homo Ludens; A study of the play-element in culture, By Huizinga
  • Qualitative research in practice : examples for discussion and analysis,  By Sharan B. Merriam
  • Learning from media : arguments, analysis, and evidence, Edited by Richard E. Clark
  • Media Literacy: New Agendas in Communication, Katheleen Tyner


From January 12th to April 8th, 2011

Third visit as an Invited Researcher

The primary objective was to develop the first field study with the implementation of a learning model in a course at RTF. In this department the project was accepted by one professor and the model was implemented with success. There were developed collective activities supported by computer and internet communication tools, developed multimedia projects with the authoring application Korsakow, focus group sessions, surveys and there were collected more than 30 hours of video and other auxiliary materials.


From September 12th to November 19th, 2011

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