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Scholarships for PhDs

RMIT have a variety of significant competitive scholarships available for outstanding Phd applicants. There are scholarships for Australian (and New Zealand) citizens and the rest of the world. To …

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An opportunity to get to research in the area of interactive video production with one of the main reference in the area.

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Conferência na UERJ sobre hipervídeo

Passado quase um ano da conclusão do Doutoramento mais uma apresentação pública do trabalho realizado. Desta vez no Rio de Janeiro a convite de Edméa Santos com a organização do GPDOC – Grupo de Pesquisa Docência e Cibercultura da Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro (Página no facebook).

Narrativas digitais em hipervídeo

How To YouTube Your Classroom

How To YouTube Your Classroom


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Digital technology more human

International School on Digital Transformation

“… is an intensive six-day residential program, conducted in English and bringing together emerging and established scholars and professionals from a variety of countries. During the week, innovators in digital communications will serve as teachers and mentors, presenting current projects and engaging in discussion.”

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Tom Chatfield – Game Based Learning 2010

Author, Fun Inc - Game Based Learning 2010

“Learning is failling  better”
“Ever tried. Ever Failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again Fail Better.” Samuel Beckett


Almost everything in the web can be related to Digital Media as the Internet itself is one of the most important digital medium.

The use of the computer and the Internet as powerful media in education is growing fast as this digital technologies are evolving and getting more available to most populations. As people are no longer just consumer but are producing content and sharing it online, learning has new meanings and new challenges.

In this new context students and teachers should have different roles. I expect to contribute to a better understanding of the benefits of this new media in the development of next generations of students and social individuals.

To this site I’ll bring the news about my work.

 Hope you enjoy it!