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Educação – Portugal testa salas de aula do futuro – Portugal – DN

Setúbal já tem um espaço a funcionar há um ano e meio e serve de modelo a 24 salas em preparação. Esta é uma aposta do governo

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Great initiative! Learning environments adapted to the digital reality! Student centered pedagogy is not a new idea but this seem a good way to do it!

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Creative Territories project publishes major outcome: The Good Hubbing Guide

The DCRC’s Creative Territories project has published its major outcome, The Good Hubbing Guide. It is available on the project site here. The GHG represents the Creative Territories network’s majo…

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Games everywhere!

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Post PhD – Post Screen – Festival

Already preparing for a presentation in the Post-Screen Festival in Lisbon



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Yesterday afternoon (morning in Texas) the final presentation and discussion of my PhD took place in the New University of Lisbon. Here are  the presentation slides.

The Urgency of Digital and Media-Literacy Skills



We are in an era of urgent need for digital and media literacy skills. Our students cannot, not should not wait anymore. As a result, pedagogical changes must be made now in order to facilitate the…


It is never too much to repeat this days about the Urgency for Digital and Media Literacy Skills. These ideas should always be present in the 21st century classroom.

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Future of Storytelling Course | Education. Online. Free. | iversity

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How do you tell a story? Learn to listen and inspire. Understand trends in current fiction and learn to contextualize narratives in this MOOC. Enrol for free!

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The Top 10 Educational Trends

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Teachers rate their interest in today’s Educational Technology trends. With the coming launch of, you’ll be able to explore these trends and more, and discuss how they will shape the culture of learning around the globe.

“Web of tools are full of good things for students and teachers. One can share, colaborate, cooperate, distribute, remake, archive, comment, grade, present… And all in a quite more democratic way: No need to have the last laptop, no need to have one, no need to take it to school, no need to think of compatiblity of software or hardware…”

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