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Storytelling in VR: Ambiguity and Implication in 1st Person Narratives

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Oh my! If there are “narrative designers” shouldn’t there be a narrative design course? I like the idea! Teaching how to build ambiguity in the characters definition allowing more freedom and agency to the gamer.

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The Symposium

i-Docs 2016 2 – 4 March Watershed, Bristol, UK Tickets available here In this edition of i-Docs, we will be exploring Tools for Thought – interactive documentary platforms for production, teaching and research; The Uses…

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Great events!

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How the Brain Reacts to Scrambled Stories

Research shows that people tend to prefer linear narratives, but can also be engaged by just the right amount of disruption.

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if non-linear effort is required atencion may rise

if emotional involvement rises memoryincreases.

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Oficina na UERJ sobre Hipervídeo

Na sequência da Conferência uma oficina dedicada ao hipervídeo semântico e mais em concreto à utilização da aplicação Korsakow.

Workshop de Korsakow

Post PhD – Post Screen – Festival

Already preparing for a presentation in the Post-Screen Festival in Lisbon



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Yesterday afternoon (morning in Texas) the final presentation and discussion of my PhD took place in the New University of Lisbon. Here are  the presentation slides.

Complexity in game design and in interactive storytelling

In an invited talk at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon the “legendary game designer and developer” Warren Spector spoke of game design and game project methodology. In the concept phase he usually draws maps to represent game structure. These drawings, he says, are great to show his ideas to the rest of the developer team.  Game structure as interactive storytelling structure can be very complex. Ideas often must be grabbed in paper and discussed with other before materializing in the screen with characters and actions.

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