Digital Media in Education

research in new media learning environments

Now focusing on some details

Stephen Jay Gould writes:

“Progress in science, paradoxically by the layman’s criterion, often demands that we back away from cosmic questions of greatest scope (anyone with half a brain can formulate ‘big’ questions in his armchair, so why heap kudos on such a pleasant and pedestrian activity?). Great scientists have an instinct for the fruitful and the doable, particularly for smaller questions that lead on and eventually transform the grand issues from speculation to action….Great theories must sink a huge anchor in details.”

Great thoughts that certanily inspired many researchers that now use Design-based research.

in Historical Poetics of Cinema by David Bordwell. in The Cinematic Text: Methods and Approaches, ed. R. Barton Palmer. New York: AMS Press, 1989, pp. 369-398.

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