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We should be suspicious of stories!?

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“We are wired for stories. “Evolutionary biologists confirm that 100,000 years of reliance on stories have evolutionarily hardwired a predisposition into human brains to think in story terms,” says research scientist and engineer Kendall Haven.

Tyler Cowen is a professor of economics at George Mason University and writes for the economics blog Marginal Revolution. In his TEDxtalk he says that we should be suspicious of stories.


Great talk! Understanding how stories work is fundamental for increasing our awarenes and critical thinking. Human beings seem to be wired to stories, maybe because stories are good to simplify our the way think. The author argument is that simplification is not that good. Sometimes it is important to be messy. Open minded. Incomplete. Agnostic…

Semantic hypermedia storytelling can provide ways of teling (or not telling stories) that can be a lot complex, even messy, open ended and incomplete.

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