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In The Semantic Web in Education

In this article Janson Ohler supports the idea that the semantic web, or Web 3.0, is in it’s way to help us “spend less time searching and sifting and more time absorbing, thinking and participating”(p.8).

The author refers the  increasing importance that Web 3.0 has and will have  for knowledge construction, developing our personal learning network and manage our personal education. He supports the idea of thinking proactively about Web 3.0 in education  as “the Semantic Web is far enough into the future that we can actually help shape it. Educators would do themselves, students, and the world a tremendous favor by jumping into the discussion now and helping Web 3.0 developers realize a vision that recognizes education and promotes the public good as top priorities” (p.9).

Ohler, J. (2008). The Semantic Web in Education. Educause Quarterly, 4, 2008 (pp. 7-9)


  Shiv Kumar Ganesh wrote @

Visual tools are a great add on to the semantic web. I too have a site Digital Flicks. In this site I blog about semantic web. I use Protege and TwoUse for my semantic web appliaction

  acmaneira wrote @

Thank you for your comment,
Your site has lots of interesting things on semantic web.
Have you heard about as the Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo Team Up to Advance Semantic Web?

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